More than forty years of pigeon racing

The Santos Family was introduced to the world of pigeon racing through Carlos and José Manuel at the age of 14. We brought our first pigeons from the Island of La Gomera, in 1973 from the dovecotes of Paco Vera, and from the Castilla Santos Brothers, a few years later our Brother Alfredo and then our Father Emilio Santos joined. today this is the team that makes up this team. Today, the "SANTOS" Dovecote is made up of descendants of the “BAYA VIEJA”, Lineage (IMBREACT) this pigeon with very special characteristics was crossed with several males, today every pigeon in our loft is a descendant of this wonderful Super CRACK .. He has descendants Traveled from Casablanca 1050 Km. Essaquira 780 Km. Cabo Ghir 730 Km. Tantan 500Km. Safi 820 Km. Sidi Ifni 830 Km. First island prizes of all the Canary Islands, and of the coasts of Africa. Absolute Island champion pigeons, medium distance, and speed. Our line of pigeons has shown that they are capable of gaining 100 km as well as 1000 km. .

Practically the base of our cultivation comes from our Family, Paco Vera, during the 60-70s it was one of the most important lofts on the island of La Gomera. The CASTILLA SANTOS Brothers, the continuation of the work carried out by the great fancier (Paco Vera), Manuel Darías, Grand Champion and pigeon farmer of the AGUILARES de la GOMERA Brothers, and J.J. DIAZ (Nicolás) one of the greats bought the loft from Rober Sion, He introduced several Stichelbaut from Denys Emiel Line of the TEE and later introduced several pigeons directly from the loft of Janssen Arendok. In recent years we have exchanged pigeons with the Estrella brothers.

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